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Volleyball Drills

No image Fitness and Power
- 4 or 5 players on the baseline 
- at A: push-ups 10x
- at B: block 10x fast hops
- at C: sideways between the attack line 10x
- at D: sit-ups 10x

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No image Warm Up and Pass
pass: underhand or overhand
after passing:
- at A: sprint, at B: heeltouches, at C sideways moving along net
- or at A: sprint, at B: knee lifting, at C: block 2x with moving
- or at A: digging, at B: rolling, at C: block and attack jump

No image Warm Up with Block and Defense
- 1 tosses the ball with blockjump to 2 in the back field
- 2 defends for himself and goes to the net
- 1 goes to the back field after throwing
- 2 tosses with blockjump to 1
- 1 defends for himself and goes to the net,   and so on
Variation: instead of block :- attack within attack line
                                                             -or attack behind attack line 
                                                             - or serve on base line
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No image Setting and Sprint
- 1 sets to 2, 2 sets to 3, 3 sets to 4, 4 sets to 1
- after setting : sprint to the backline

VARIATION: instead of sprint , digging
                              instead of sprint : a attack jump

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No image Play and Block
- 2 rows with players behind the attack line
- setting the ball overhand
- after playing at mid a block and left or right a block
- connecting behind your own row
Small group: first 1 time for yourself, then to the other side

VARIATION: - passing
                             - changing to the other row
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