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Volleyball Drills

No image Attack on front-left to the 4 corners
- mat in all 4 corners
- 8 tosses the ball and 2 passes to the setter
-the  front-left hitter  gets 4 set-ups 
- this way, has to get 1 ball to each corner
- at every mat a player who retreives the bal and puts it in the ball trolley
No image Placed third ball to the backfield
- 1 and 2 hold the net
- C plays the ball in the backfield
- 1 or 3 defends to the other
- sets up an attack  to back-left or back-right
- 3 and 4 are next

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No image Offense drill for teams of 4
- 1 tosses to 2 and gets behind 4
- 2 tosses to 3 and gets behind 3,  and so on
- underhanded toss, left and right
- overhanded toss left and right
- with 2 hands from the neck
- smash via the ground to the other side
- smash via the ground, 1x defend for yourself and attack via the ground 
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No image Active offense drill
- C tosses the ball in the air
- 1 comes in for the attack
- 7 gives the ball to C

Note:  - toss fast
               - C tosses the ball high for the outside hitter
               - C tosses the ball low for the middle hitter
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No image Attack from the middle after block
- 1 and 2 block
- 2 turns around for an attack after block
- C tosses a ball low in the air and 2 attacks
- 2 blocks with 1 again
- 1 attacks now 
- and so on

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